Extraordinary value

Because our approach mobilizes and leverages your organization’s best resources, avano is able to deliver extraordinary results relative to the investment required. We partner with and connect the talent in your organization to create a self-reinforcing dynamic – turning leaders into multipliers and changing the organization from within.



SBI - Leadership

Juergen Kohmann

the non-consultant

Juergen is the CEO of avano USA Corp and he heads avano’s global Strategic Business Incubation practice. When you meet him, he will most likely introduce himself as a “Non-Consultant”. The value he brings to customers is not his industry or functional expertise per se, but rather the ability to systematically tap into an organization’s existing intelligence to solve its most pressing problems inside out. After graduating from the European School of Business (ESB), Juergen worked as a Management Consultant for A.T. Kearney in Munich, London and New York. He received his graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School (MBA) and Lauder Institute (MA). Innovation and organizational change are Juergen’s passion. Co-founding avano created the platform to live that passion. Over the past decade, it provided the environment to develop thought leadership in the field and, even more importantly, it offers the opportunity to drive change for some of the world’s finest companies. Today, Juergen spends about 80% of his time building and managing Strategic Business Incubators. The remaining time is focused on challenging business leaders, usually in the form of one-on-one coaching, executive workshops and speaking engagements

Our sweet spot is where the rubber meets the road. Our focus is NOT on producing PowerPoints. We roll up our sleeves and deliver incubation services. We are like additional headcount to your team.