If you are looking for an alternative to classic business wisdom, I might be able to provide
some valuable impulses. My blog is based on the brilliant insights developed by Dr. Gerhard
Wohland, input from my exceptional colleagues at avano, and the hands-on experiences our
remarkable customers have afforded me over the years.

Open Space (is risky)

  In the corporate world there is too much focus on content and too little on interaction. When looking at corporate events across the nation, be it new product introductions or corporate training events, you will usually find a jam packed agenda. The agenda itself is not the issue, it is the lack of open space that worries me. Everyone seems to agree that the best things usually happen during those parts of a session that are less structured. We all agree that it is the power of interaction that justifies the cost of bringing everyone together physically. Still, the majority of sessions continue to be “death by PowerPoint”. Why? […]

Measuring and Assessing

There is a difference between measuring and assessing. Measuring is the piece that we are really comfortable with. We have been told forever that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. So measuring is something that leaders think about constantly. But what if the world becomes more dynamic, and many of the things that really drive success are impossible to measure? The nice thing about measuring is that it is safe. If I sit in the living room and my wife says to me: “You know, it is really chilly in here?” – And I walk up to the thermometer and say: “Yeah, it´s 63°F.” That is not […]

Innovation is not a fairy tale

Innovation is not a fairy tale. I think it is worthwhile stating that because I meet a lot of people who think exactly that. We seem to have that romantic notion about innovation and how innovation comes about. At the center of the fairy tale is “the right idea”. We often pretend that in a sea of wrong ideas you have this one idea that in contrast to all of the other ones is the right one. That is just not how innovation works! When you look at two ideas before one of them has become a success, it is often very difficult to say which one is the brilliant one, and which […]

Open Communication

Open communication is a myth! I hear people often say things like: “Let´s have an open conversation” or “let us just talk openly about it”. The intentions are the very best behind these words, but the reality is different. Open communication is not possible for at least two reasons. The first one is that we process things in our minds much quicker than we would ever be able to articulate. So we end up with a discrepancy between what we think and what we say. Due to that discrepancy, we can never openly and fully communicate what we are thinking or feeling at any point in time – let alone […]

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